At TXRPC, we understand how difficult it can be for distributors and their sales reps to maintain compliancy with so many professional requirements.  Of all the various requirements, liability insurance can be among the most difficult and expensive to maintain.  There are many insurance companies and agencies that specialize in this type of insurance coverage.  One option that we are very pleased to have located is available through membership in Medical Sales Advocates (MSA).  MSA provides its members with access to a group plan that covers the general and professional liability insurance exposure that are now required, as well as other member benefits designed to simplify the credentialing process and meet your everyday needs at a great price!  MSA's insurance benefits were designed for medical sales professionals by medical sales professionals who recognized the need to protect themselves.


SAMPLE DISCLOSURE - Please note: TXRPC does not endorse any one company or service and is simply providing this information as a service to our members.  Although the group insurance benefit offered through MSA membership meets the limits and requirements of many hospitals and government agencies, all plans include exclusions and limitations.  It is the responsibility of each independent distributor and representative to read and understand each policy's exclusions, limitations and coverages and make their own purchasing decision.



A Strategic Network

MSA is the nation's leading resource for medical sales representatives, bringing a broad range of benefits specifically designed to support these dynamic sales professionals in the continued growth of their businesses. Medical Sales Advocates (MSA) is comprised of dynamic men and women who have distinguished themselves in the rapidly changing world of health care sales, having committed to advancing their careers and financial security by participating in our community. MSA links career-minded sales professionals together with critical support solutions.

Exclusively for MSA Members, your membership will bring you:

  • Professional liability and general liability insurance specifically designed for the medical sales professional
  • Training opportunities for MSA Members
  • Chance to save money on travel to conferences, seminars and training courses/materials
  • Opportunity to invest in the MSA retirement plan
  • 24-Hour roadside assistance
  • Resources to grow your business

Together, these benefits provide the protection, compliancy, and professional development to support the progressive business leaders who are our Members.

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MSA provides members with professional and general liability insurance specifically designed for the medical sales professional.

In our industry, the risk of being drawn into a lawsuit is real. Bodily injury and property damage claims that you are held liable for can be an enormous financial drain, and that is why we offer professional and general liability coverages that protect our community.

MSA's policy will protect YOU, not the device or equipment manufacturer. This policy will protect you from your professional act or omission that results in bodily injury or property damage to a third party.

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